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Exterior Siding and Trim

Exterior Siding and Trim is usually handled by the Carpentry division of BW & Sons, although it often comes hand in hand with other replacements, and exterior work such as roofing. 

Exterior trim usually comes hand-in hand with window, door or siding replacement. But can also be on its own for trim that has broken or wooden trim that has started to degrade. 

There are many options when choosing new siding.

Vinyl Siding is the most affordable and is available in many color choices. It is durable and resists erosion and does well in inclement weather. 

Hardie Board siding is a more expensive option, but it can mimic other materials such as wood, or shingles. It includes sand and cement in the composition which makes it resistant to fire, and insects. 

Although its durable and long lasting, it may need to be re-painted down the road.

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